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1. Please do not enter the room booked before your designated time.  Your session time includes set-up and clean-up. We have a cute lobby that you are welcome in a few minutes early but the lobby is not to be used as a photography/videography space before or after your booked session. You are welcome to take advantage of our cute lobby space for photographs during your session time though!

2. Please be respectful of other renters and their clients. You are not allowed to enter any other shooting room that you have not booked as they need to be kept clean and sanitized.

3. If you need to change the comforter for your session, there is a clean comforter in a bag inside the hampers in the lobby.

4. DO NOT WALK ON THE CYC WALL.  Use of the cyc wall is an extra fee that must be booked ahead of time.

5. Do not flush anything down the toilets except toilet paper.  

6. Do not adjust the thermostats.

7. Clean room up and leave it as you found it.

8. Absolutely NO glitter or confetti. $75 fee will be charged if you use it. And trust us, we will know. 

9. Pets are welcome with paid pet fee. It is a $25 fee per pet. Pets are not allowed on the beds.

10. Warehouse: Only pull paper out to the purple tape on the floor. If you are using it for a cake smash, please let us know ahead of time so we will know why it's been cut.

11. We ARE handicap accessible! We have a parking space right in front of our suite with a ramp and accessible bathroom. 

12. You are welcome to bring in your own food and drink but you will be responsible for any messes. Food and drink is NOT allowed on the comforters. We have soda, juice, and coffee for sale in the mini fridge in the kitchen. 

13. No real rose/flower petals on the comforters as they will stain. Please use the faux rose petals located in the lobby and put them back when done.

14. We have cameras throughout the lobby and in the warehouse. You will be charged a late fee if leaving your rental room late. If you need more time please text 480-242-8599 for approval as soon as possible.

15. Do not allow clients to walk through lobby in lingerie or partially clothed. We have a variety of photographers who use the studio which means there could be families and children in the lobby at the same time as a boudoir client. Keep music in lobby at a respectful level if using the makeup counters and do not lay out props (including lingerie) in the lobby. 


We offer equipment rental for free when requested at least 24 hours in advance (the warehouse automatically comes with this equipment).  We have:

*alien bee strobes

*soft boxes

*beauty dish

*strip boxes


*triggers for Canon and Nikon and newer Sony

1. Lighting is in the lighting closet, along with the triggers.  Lights are included in rental price.

2. Use of the cyclorama wall is an added cleaning fee of $35 in addition to warehouse booking and must be booked ahead of time.

3. You are responsible for any damages.

4. No illegal activities or drugs allowed in the studio.

5. Please keep music at a respectful level.

6. Lost keys will result in a locksmith fee. 

7. We have Alexa in the lifestyle, petite, and warehouse for your use. Please do not move them. 

8. We ARE handicap accessible! We have a parking spot located right in front of our door with a ramp as well as a handicap accessible bathroom.

9. You are welcome to move the furniture (our beds are on wheels that may need to be unlocked) just remember to move it all back when you are done and do NOT drag couches on the floor, use 2 people to lift. 

10. You will be given a code 24 hours before your scheduled session time to the email you booked with. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM! If you do not receive this code you must text 480-242-8599 at least TWO hours in advance to receive the code. We are not responsible for your session starting late if you text us for the code less than two hours prior to your scheduled start time.

11. To enter the studio you will tap on the face of the lockbox to activate it, type in your code, and then hit the middle lock symbol. You will hear it unlock. Once it's unlocked you will pull the face of the lockbox down from the top to access the keys inside. Do not hold onto the key during your session. Unlock the door and put the key back in the the lockbox.The lockbox will lock automatically when closed. When your session is over, please lock up by opening the lockbox again and locking the studio door. You must lock the door after your session even if there are other renters still in the studio. 


Once your booking is complete, it is non-refundable, non-transferable.  

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